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Being an orofacial pain & Dental Sleep Apnea provider and a wife to a critical care specialist serving veterans as a first line worker during pandemic, I feel I have enormous opportunity to share the best of my abilities for the betterment of our future generations. 

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Educational Accomplishments

  • University of Minnesota ​- Temporomandibular disorders and Orofacial Pain Fellowship.
  • School of Public Health, University of Minnesota - Masters​ in Clinical Research
  • Veterans Affairs Hospital, Minneapolis - Research Assistance, trained and still teaching General Practice Residency Residents. Actively published studies in the area of smoking & its effects on Oral Health in Veterans. Active education of Veterans in personal Oral care & disease prevention.
  • University of Southern California - Masters and Certificate in Orofacial Pain and Oral medicine Program.
  • Board certified TMD Orofacial Pain & Dental Sleep Apnea Specialist​​. 

 My Vision:

"I am passionate about achieving excellence in education by securing resources and optimizing opportunities. It is important to bring out the best in each child. I would like to see every child, regardless of ability, challenges, and communal disparities, achieve academic excellence. Regardless of ability, I know all children are gifted in their own unique and individual ways. I am passionate about child focused curriculum involving collaboration between administration, school staff and parents. I believe in a holistic approach to education. One that goes beyond books and standardized methods. When children can participate in hands-on activities, be outside and explore, they are better able to discover and dream of their possibilities. I feel strongly about school safety and mental health, including but not limited to, public health protocols and procedures, bullying, suicide prevention, chemical health education, peer pressure, incorporating love and awareness of nature and the preservation of our environment, and the social/cultural/religious harmony of the people who live in and attend school in our diverse district. It is of utmost importance to me to support students, staff and parents with regard to educational gaps that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. I think I speak for all of us when I say we all believe and strive for healthy and safe schools, inclusivity, giving back to the community. I believe humanity is our greatest connector. 

Why I have chosen to run?  

From the prairies of Nebraska to the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota, I have spent most of my life in the Midwest. I take pleasure in being an active member of the community. The state of Minnesota holds a special place in my heart. It was here our precious daughter, Zoya, was born. In 2014, Zoya was diagnosed with a very rare and deadly cancer, Ewing Sarcoma. She courageously fought with grit, determination and courage. This has sustained our family and given us strength during times of tribulation following her passing in April of 2015. Her short life has given us purpose. During her treatment, we were blessed and fortunate to work with amazing teachers from the Wayzata School District. These teachers became part of our family. They lovingly taught Zoya in our home and helped her learn and grow until her final days of life. It is with inspiration from our academic team in Wayzata and health care professionals that I have decided to run for the Wayzata School Board. I want nothing more than to do my part to give back to our community and our children. It is the least I can do to acknowledge the love our family received from our Wayzata Public Schools family 

 Zoya with her Wayzata family

Vote For Mariam!

Early voting begins: 

7.30am, September 20, 2021 ​

End: 4.30pm, November 04, 2021


District A

Administration Building at 

210 County Road 101 North, Wayzata, MN (Right next to Gleason Lake Elementary).

In person early Voting 

  7:30-4.40pm from 9/20/21 to 11/12/21 for all voters except those who live in the city of Minnetonka 

If you are interested in mail in early voting: It begins Friday, September 20, 2021. Request a ballot from the Secretary of State's Office by printing & filling out this form. 

Send this completed form to:

                           ATTN: Jim Howitt.

Hennepin County Government 


300 South 6th St MC 012

Minneapolis MN 

Once your request is recieved, Hennepin County will send you an absentee ballot.

  While we all believe in giving back, drug free safe schools & healthy lunches; I also believe in the holistic aproach of education beyond books & standarized methods. We need to incorporate more love & awareness of nature & preservation of our environment. When children are able to be outside & explore, they are able to discover & dream about their own best possibilities. As a mother myself & as a daughter, I believe "humanity" is our best connector. 

Community Service:

* Northwest Islamic Community Center - Serving those in need, food and clothing drives, financial support

* Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners - Volunteer with elementary and middle school students

* Wayzata High School Amnesty International - Adult mentor/sponsor

* Interfaith work - Assist in building community relations, tolerance and bridges of understanding across faiths

* Pediatric Cancer Groups - Support families whose kids are fighting cancer

* Pediatric Hospice - Support kids who are dying of cancer and their families

* Local Refugee Community Support - Educated and empower refugee communities with regard to voting and election processes. 

* For more information on Zoya and the endowment we have started in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Children's Masonic Hospital, click here: 

Rug Hooking with my cats!

How can you Help? 


If you would like to volunteer with our campaign, email at

We love to cook & bring people together! If you would like to try something sweet, savory or spicy, we would love to have your taste buds at our table! 

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